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Our quality policy

ÖZOĞUZ CONTURCTION CO., guaranties the quality and customer satisfaction in each single step of its services. Its main target is to promote the customer expectations. Therefore, quality expectations and customer satisfaction requirements are adopted as common responsibilities of each and every unit of the company...
Well aware of the significance of investment in human resources, the company approaches each of its employees as partners; each contributes value to the company...
OZOGUZ CONSTRUCTION CO. supports innovative, creative and feasible ideas and attempts to increase the job satisfaction level and organizational loyalty through training staff to improve technical and behavioral competency of them.
Taking in-company and out-company quality standards into consideration, ÖZOĞUZ CONSTRUCTION CO. requires its suppliers, sub-contractors to provide competent working conditions. The company aims and puts all necessary efforts at its best to become distinct and different in regards of its clients, to sustain continuous growth and development in its target market.